Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paul on BBC Radio Wales

Paul featured on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales show on Saturday night discussing Six and also a little bit about what he's up to now. Suffice to say that it was great to hear Paul, and that he's still involved in the music biz, but also a little sad that he's really not thinking about releasing any solo material.

Main points from the interview about his current work:

  • Co-written and produced an album with Catherine A.D. that should appear next year
  • Co-writing and producing with an as yet unspecified artist/band
  • No plans to release any solo material (he says he had half an album written)
  • Says he hates his own voice and basically hopes he never has to sing again
The interview is available here until 5th October (starts at 39mins) and I'll try and get a copy up on youtube so there is a permanent record.